Vecka 3 Eng Språkval



(use the links below)

Answer each of the 25 questions carefully( noggrant). After each question, indicate how sure you are of your answer (Certain, Fairly sure, Not sure).

When you finish the test, you will be told your approximate ( ungefärliga) English level.( A.1 A.2 B.1 B.2) You can then search for suitable content (passande innehåll)on LearnEnglish Teens by level. You can also search for content by topic. INFORM  YOUR TEACHER ABOUT YOUR LEVEL

1. Find out your English level HERE

Hitta sedan övningar på Din nivå .Läsa och Lyssna



HERE IS ONE MORE  TEST. We will check it out together in class.

2.Grammar, Vocabulary and Listening LEVEL TEST HERE   

Vecka 2 onsdag Eng språkval

Divide  today´s  lesson into 3 parts: 🙂 

Part 1: Read something for 15 min:

Easy reading stories HERE ( Lättläst)

Develop your reading skills HERE

”Dream reader” at various levels HERE


Part 2: Listen to something for 15 minutes:

Short Stories ( Click on the rabbit) HERE

All about England HERE ( läs instruktionerna först)

Video Snapshots.Listen and answer HERE

Part 3: Do  some grammar exercises  for 15 min: 

Här finns massor med bra grammatikövningar. Välj själv vad du vill träna på : 😀 

Good things to know about the English language HERE