Hello again! 

This week you’ll be learning about irregular verbs.

The word spoke for example. If you want to tell someone that you did this two days ago you say spoke. 

Ex. ”I spoke to my friend two days ago”.

If you want to tell someone that you have done   this, you say spoken.

Ex. ”I have spoken to my friends”.

  • Do: Speak
  • Did: Spoke
  • Have done: Spoken


Here is our film for this week. We were trying to use as many irregular verbs as possible!

Here a really cute film about irregular verbs

See you next week!
Ps: The theme for next week is TRAVELLING 😃✈🏊🏻

w. 6 Prepositions

Hello again!Kyrkbyn, Berget and Digerberget 💡   😃

This week the blog is about prepositions (where you are). You’re going to watch three videos that hopefully will help you understand the words that we say in the video of this week. 😉 The video is about when some of us played the game ”hide and seek.”

Here are the videos that explain those words:

And here we ( Orsa School grade 9)  have our own video about prepositions… 😆  😆 





This week you are going to play a word game to learn and practise describing vocabulary ( glosor).

This is how it works. Watch us play the WORD GAME: ( sorry that we are a little upside down  😛 )>

Starring: Simon and Axel Script: Diana  Cameraman: Erik  😆

Download the WORDS below. Print out and cut apart.

WORD GAME  printables  HERE



W. 49 Christmas Greetings🎅🏻❤️

Hello you guys in Kyrkbyn, Digerberget and Berget.  🙂 

We are Ida and Klara from 9th grade in Orsaskolan. We are fifteen years old and will take care of this blog. There will be; videos, picture, interviews, presentations and much more to teach you some more  English. We hope you will find our blog helpful. In our first post, we have a Christmas theme.

Here is a funny  Advent calendar! Watch one video each day until Christmas!

Do you want to know why we celebrate Christmas or how they celebrate Christmas in other countries? Check out this link below!https://www.whychristmas.com/customs/

Here is a story about a gingerbread man who ran away from his home because he thought he was about to get eaten. Do you think he’ll ever come back? Just follow the link below to find out!  After reading the story, you can also play some games with Mr gingerbread.https://www.topmarks.co.uk/stories/GingerbreadMan.aspx

At the end of our first blog post, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!                                        Klara and Ida