w. 6 Prepositions

Hello again!Kyrkbyn, Berget and Digerberget 💡   😃

This week the blog is about prepositions (where you are). You’re going to watch three videos that hopefully will help you understand the words that we say in the video of this week. 😉 The video is about when some of us played the game ”hide and seek.”

Here are the videos that explain those words:

And here we ( Orsa School grade 9)  have our own video about prepositions… 😆  😆 

2 svar på “w. 6 Prepositions”

  1. Vill ni göra ett inslag om hur man använder ” there” och ”their”
    Och ” he´s” och ”his” ,”it´s” och ”its”
    Det vore jättebra.


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