Engelska vecka 48 .Klass 9a och 9b


Ni ska jobba vidare med ”English around the World”

. Blir ni klara ska ni antingen läsa i en biblioteksbok på engelska eller read theory eller Kimstudies ” reading”



English around the World

  1. Choose two of the countries we have studied in Wings 9.
  2.  Write down facts about the countries you have chosen.Focus on geography,wildlife  and way of life
  3. Use the internet for more facts. 
  4. Use ”Words” or ”Pages”. 
  5. Hand your text into SHOWBIE to file ”Comparing countries  ”. Use PDF.
  6. Hopefully, you have already done some writing on  MINDMAPS   from Worksheet 1. If not. Please use a mindmap to focus your facts.


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